How To Install New Carpeting In Your Classic Car

A car’s carpet has a huge impact on the appearance and appeal of the interior. Since these carpets wear out with time, replacing an old one with a new one can have a refreshing effect on the entire vehicle’s appeal. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can get a brand new molded carpet from one of the a vendor that specializes in Mopar Classic Car Parts, and install it on their vehicle during their free time. Installing a car carpet is quite straight forward if you have a clear idea of the step by step installation procedure.

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The Popularity of the Mopar Muscle Cars Explained

America’s introduction to the muscle car era was in 1964, and it has become an essential part of the auto industry for a decade. This was to address the demand of the consumers need for a faster car. Most muscle cars during that time period had a V8 Engine that was high compression, had a lot of horsepower and a 4 speed transmission. This sort of tandem has defined the muscle cars. Muscle cars were able to maintain their popularity and were offered by different car manufacturers such as American Motors, GM, Mopar and Ford. Let us examine what makes them popular.
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Mopar or No Car! – Top 10 Mopars Produced Between 1964 and 1974

It’s likely that there hasn’t been more excited period in the automotive industry than the production years of the classic muscle car in America. Mopar is, colloquially a term which is used to describe vehicles bearing the Dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler brand. However, during the 60s and the 70s, American automotive companies aggressively produced a wide range of muscle cars which were definitely worth our attention.
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Exploring the History of the Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Barracuda was once considered a classic economy car back in 1964, specifically because of its conventional A-body frame. However, looking to eliminate this economy car and have real muscle, the Plymouth was reinvented in 1970 to ensure it became a third generation muscle car. Let us take a look at the history of this great car, courtesy of mopar restoration parts.
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3 Reasons To Buy Plymouth Roadrunner Parts From A Retailer Rather Than Going To A Salvage Yard

If you need Plymouth Roadrunner parts quickly and want a good value, you may consider trying to find the necessary components at a local salvage yard rather than purchasing them from a retailer. Many people take this approach because they think it seems easier, but there are several reasons why salvage yards are often more trouble than they’re worth. Continue reading

Where To Purchase Authentic Mopar Stripes Kits And Mopar Parts

When you are really into cars, especially American muscle cars, there is nothing more important to any enthusiast than having authentic Mopar parts. This includes everything from the shifters, and air fuel systems, to exhausts and Mopar stripes. There is not any detail to be left untouched, as for those enthusiasts – they are seeking pure beauty and perfection. Finding authentic Mopar stripes and decals can be difficult though but you never have to worry when shopping at Dante’s Mopar Parts. They completely love everything about American muscle cars and love to provide the best to their customers. As a matter of fact, their whole entire reputation has been built on their Mopar parts all the way down to the Mopar stripes.
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6 Tips for Fixing Your Mopar’s Weatherstripping

Restoring muscle cars can be exciting and thrilling for any auto enthusiast who likes designs of those by-gone eras. The challenge, though, that many Mopar restorers face is trying to keep the looks and feel of the car authentic while improving road performance at the same time. One aspect that you’ll want to make sure to inspect and restore is your weatherstripping.

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6 Easy Steps for Installing Carpet in Your Car

One way to completely change the entire look and feel of your ride from the inside is to toss out that carpet– the one that’s dirty, already worn down to every single one of its synthetic fibers, shrunken and faded, due to a lot of washes many years ago. Then start looking into how you can replace that carpet with something better. Continue reading